What We Do

ONE~OAK~PNW is an Environmentally Friendly Industrial Hemp Company.

Our Vision

With the help of ONE~OAK~SUS (Recycling Company from Texas), ONE~OAK~PNW strives to become a global leader in the industrial hemp niche. With our solid platform, we provide environmentally friendly services and superior products from recyclable resources.

What We Do

We as a platform-based company produce products made from hemp fiber. The fact that we use hemp fiber is nothing to gloss over. Industrial hemp is environmentally friendly and a high-quality material. It’s stronger than most wood and gives back into the ground by providing nutrients for the soil.

Our Future Mission

Our future goals for the company are to educate viewers on what industrial hemp is, what it can be used for, and how it can benefit the environment. We want to create an interactive platform where people are interested in discussing the different uses and needs of industrial hemp. This can only be done through the help of those interested and our partner company ONE~OAK~SUS.