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Is an Environmentally Friendly, Industrial Hemp Materials & Products, R&D Platform.

. • The Vision • .

In partnership with ONE~OAK~SUS, LLC. (Commercial Solid Waste Recycling, Sustainable Materials Management company), ONE~OAK~PNW, LLC. Aims to become a National leader in the industrial hemp products market and recycling thereof.


As a Multi-Domain company, we project to offer a number of materials & products derived primarily from Industrial Hemp fiber.

With our solid platforms in (SMM) Sustainable Materials Management, Recycling, Freight Brokerage & Transportation we aim to deliver superior products and environmentally friendly services, from sustainable materials and renewable resources.

•Industrial Hemp materials and products can be many times stronger than traditional architectural lumber in several compositions and forms, also provides better insulation barrier and thermal mass.

•The Hemp plant in the Cannabaceae family is an environmentally friendly crop that produces numerous high-quality materials, furthermore, during the growth and harvesting process, it gives back into the ground by providing nutrients for the soil with its residual remaining biomass.

Our Future Mission

Our future goals for this platform are to perform R&D of Industrial Hemp Fiber Materials and Products, to thoroughly educate and reliably inform all interested in Industrial Hemp Materials and Products on the various uses and efficiencies that industrial hemp fiber and its many varying compositions can offer, in several innovative industries, what it can be used for, and how it can greatly benefit the environment in the process.

We aim to create an interactive platform where people may join the conversation in discourse and participation in expanding awareness of the many different uses and need for industrial hemp-derived materials and products.

Our partner company ONE~OAK~SUS masterfully voices our core value,